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Good morning, my couch-to-5k friends! How are you?

I am typing this from my iPad as I sit in the middle-of-nowhere a.k.a. the rig. Where Internet is sucky or nonexistent. Sorry for any errors you see! I can’t figure out how to get out of the HTML editor.

Most of us just finished up week two. How did you adjust to the 90 seconds of running? Could you breathe? Obviously, if you are reading this you did not die!

My week two went pretty good. The first two days were fine, but I sure put that third day off. I have been sick and the weather was crappy, and you know me, that’s all it takes to talk myself out of it. So, on Saturday I finally got my butt out there in the awful wind and just did it. Oddly enough, I felt strong and awesome.

Yesterday morning, I set out on W3D1 before heading out of town. Those three-minute jogging spurts pretty much kicked my butt, but I did each interval as called for! Hooray!

Tell me, how is your training going so far? If you blog, leave a link to your post below!

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