September 2011 Archives – 2/4 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


The SENSA® Weight-Loss System is dedicated to providing its customers with the support tools they need to obtain their ultimate weight-loss goals. To help customers take their weight loss journey to the next level, SENSA® has recently remodeled the mySENSA Community (, an online weight-loss destination designed to help customers lose weight and keep it […]

  So, have you heard about those giant slugs that are invading southern Florida?  Well, apparently one has invaded southern California lately, too.  Yeah, that would be me … in the exercise department! I’m not sure exactly what happened because I had been doing really well for a while.  I had my groove going and […]

We have another fabulous post on charity racing this week from Tiffany Zook. You can check out her first two posts in the series here: Find Your Passion and Demystifying Fundraising. Lets face it, training for an endurance event is just plain hard. A very small percentage of people ever undertake training for a race, […]

Good morning, couch-to-5k friends! How is it going? We now have a dozen of these workouts under our belt! Can you believe it? How did Week 4 treat you? What did you think about those 5-minute intervals? Did you survive? It has definitely been tougher for me, but I am sticking with it! My back […]

This morning, I was browsing for a recipe to share with you guys (because let’s face it, I just don’t cook that much), I came across a recipe on from my favorite show, The Biggest Loser. I LOVE everything breakfast, but one of my favorites, sausage egg and cheese biscuits, just aren’t that healthy. […]

Confession: I am not a planner. I do not enjoy menu planning. I am not really a fan of cooking, period. But this week, ladies and gentlemen, I menu plan. For you. You are very welcome. Monday: Ginger Chicken with Snow Pea Salad Tuesday: Healthiest Lasagna Ever Wednesday: Shredded Chicken Burritos {crockpot} Thursday: Grilled Salmon […]

Birthday! We have a birthday! I won’t tell you how many candles are on her cake this year, just that it’s more candles than I had on my cake. 🙂 Christie is your average mother, wife, and friend. Only she’s not. This girl? Does some pretty amazing things. She runs. She swims. She bikes. In […]

For 1 in 6 Americans, hunger is a reality. That means that millions of Americans are struggling with hunger. So many of those people have no idea where their next meal will be coming from. I think this is unacceptable. September is Hunger Action Month and Feeding America has many ideas for ways to change […]

I was looking back through old posts and stumbled upon this one that I wrote over a year ago.  The gist of the post was this: When I look in the mirror, I like my _______.   I wrote about how most times when I look in the mirror, my eyes naturally gravitate to the […]

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! SHRINKVIVOR Registration Is Now Open. If you’re not familiar with Shrinkvivor, it’s an amazing challenge we did last fall based on the Survivor reality show! We have tribes (teams) of 7 people, there are weekly physical challenges, check-ins, immunity idols, tribal councils, and you get to vote people off […]

Good day, friends! Are we ready to to check in today? It is Wednesday, you know, and that’s what we do on Wednesdays. Things don’t always turn out like we planned, and then sometimes they do but nonetheless, we do it anyway because like its name, it keeps us “in check”. Clever, right? So scamper […]

Happy Tworkout Tuesday! It’s a gorgeous day here and life is great, yes? Yes! What makes today even better is that I have a butt kicking good Tworkout for you today! If you’re new, then no worries, just hop onto Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and Tworkout with us! We have a blast! Tonight’s Tworkout: […]

  Sweets. I really, really, REALLY love sweets. They are my diet downfall. I like to blame my hippie parents for depriving me of sugar as a child. Total denial of sugary cereals, candy and snacks turned me into a sugar fiend. As soon as I was out of the house…BOOM…I was knee deep in […]

The winner of the awesome drifit shirt from My Race Ragz is: (drumroll) Suzanne Westenhofer!! Please send an email to [email protected] and I will work with you on your shirt! Congratulations!!

The truth? Food and fitness-wise, things are ugly around here. I’m hanging out in this post-baby rut and I’m searching for a way out, but so far, no dice. Every night I tell myself: You’ll do better tomorrow. Better food choices. You’ll go for a run. But inevitably, I’m stressed or tired, and healthy choices […]