SHRINKVIVOR Announcement & Mini-Challenge {week 1} | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Good afternoon, everyone! How are you doing? Are you off to a great shrinktastic start to our new challenge?

Hopefully, you remembered to check-in yesterday! There were several people who didn’t and many of you who got a little confused or forgot. Those of you who were late but got a hold of us in some form or another, guess what? You are in luck. We will let ya slide! 🙂 Just don’t let it happen again, m’kay? Some people didn’t show up AT ALL, so they have been eliminated from their tribes. It makes me very, very sad, so stop it, okay? Remember to check-in from 9 p.m. Central each Wednesday! The updated list is here:

We have decided to throw in a mini-challenge for all SHRINKVIVORS this week, to give you a jump-start in the right direction. I am going to take a wild guess that most of you are crazy-busy right about now. {I am} My days fly by and sometimes I barely have time to even think, much less cook. Evenings are spent driving kids back and forth from dance and football and choir and volleyball and you name it. My husband is gone for weeks at a time. Many of these nights, that means fast food. BUT NOT THIS WEEK. Nope. No fast food for me, no fast food for you. The mini-challenge this week is to completely avoid fast food.

A few other things to mention:

Join us on Sundays for menu-planning! Follow ours or link up your own menu plan!

Mondays we like to chat it up at the ‘hood! Join us for SisterChat at 8 p.m. Central!

Tuesdays = Tworkout. A workout on Twitter! Follow us @shrinkingjeans and join in the fun on Tuesdays, 8 p.m. Central time!

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