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I’m very excited to share with you another running/cycling/triathlon gear favorite of mine and a company I have been working with for a few weeks now: My Race Ragz! In fact, this is almost a post best told in pictures. Except that there are some pretty cool stories behind the pictures too.

My Race Ragz is all about cool factor and by cool factor I mean they make t-shirts that are awesome & customizable but more importantly, cool and breezy and dri-fit and in our Florida summers, I need dri-fit. I love dri-fit. Dri-fit keeps me from collapsing from heat exhaustion and dying.

This one I designed ALL.BY.MYSELF.

It says, “70.3 ONLY HALF CRAZY.”

Which is how I feel. I’m not the full crazy of a full Ironman. Only crazy enough for 1/2 of it.

I also customized the back of it.

Using one of my favorite quotes from Karate Kid that make me feel all badass and black-belty. (Which I am not, by the way, I was about to be a yellow belt once but it didn’t work out. Anyhoo.)

Creating my shirt was super easy and it took me about 5 minutes to make. You can add any text you want in any color and in any font they have (and there are a million fonts, too). You can upload your own picture or design, they accept almost every format in a 300 ppi resolution. It doesn’t matter how many colors you have on the shirt, they will print unlimited amount of colors and they actually dye the graphics right into the fabric so that the fabric retains its wicking properties.

There are t-shirts, tanks & long-sleeved shirts for men and women but my favorite part is that they answer the question: “What am I going to wear on race day?”

Because you can get drifit shirts made for your whole team, like this Ragnar Relay team (they offer team discounts.)
Or you can get all matchy match as a group of friends running a race together.

You see, I love more than anything when I get to work with a company that I truly stand behind and this is one of them. The owners of My Race Ragz, Kevin and Joanne, are not only hilarious and creative but they believe in what they’re doing.  They are not just out there trying to sell t-shirts, they are about adding to your race experience.

That’s Kevin and Joanna all the way to the right.

And they are about being part of the community and projects that are bigger than them.

Sending race shirts to Africa.

And also there are inspiring stories like these.

That’s Athena right there running for her sister Pat who passed away this year after losing her battle to cancer.

Later this year, My Race Ragz is sponsoring a bike ride from Ft. Myers to Key West called 72 Hours to Key West and the entire proceeds are going to a charity that feeds families for the holidays. I just love companies that stand for something, that get involved, and that rally around causes. Companies that have heart.

OK I know, I know. Back to the shirts.

If you don’t have your own customness to upload, you can choose from one of theirs. My Race Ragz has an extensive library full of slogans and pictures so you can pick. Some of my favorites are:

My running stroller is a rocket, the baby has superpowers. Together we will kick your a$$ 

13.1: Courage to Start, Strength to Finish

2.62 Club: Moving Decimals Slowly

And hundreds more. They have slogans for mommies, daddies, pregnant runners, drinkers, whomever and whatever distance.

So. I’ve raved about them enough don’t you think?

(I think so.)

NOW, My Race Ragz wants to give away one of their customizable shirts TO YOU! And if you have a race coming up or a cause or a goal or a need to inspire or motivate yourself throughout your training, this is your shot to get one! Just leave a comment below for an entry.

You can get extra entries by:

Now, I have been working with My Race Ragz in a professional capacity for a couple of weeks now working on their Twitter and FB pages, so there is a good chance you’ll be talking to ME when you’re tweeting and Facebooking! But in all honesty, I wouldn’t be reviewing them here if I didn’t LOVE them, which I do.

This giveaway will close on Friday, Sept. 9 at 11:59 p.m. et. and the winner will be announced shortly after. We will contact you so please leave us a way to contact you in the comments. If you do not respond within 48 hours of our email, we will draw a new winner.

So. You want a shirt?

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Disclosure: My Race Ragz provided me with one drifit shirt to review and will provide one shirt as a giveaway to a lucky reader. I am being compensated for creating and maintaining content for My Race and its social media pages, however the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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