October 2011 Archives – 2/3 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Ok, it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for! The tribes have spoken and the Tribal Council video is ready.  Please pardon the random meow’s from my kitty in the background.  Oh, and my work BlackBerry going off at one point, too. 😉 The tribes list will be updated later this evening. Be sure to […]

As a child, my family sat down to dinner with each other, pretty much every single night. At the table. It was like Leave it to Beaver, with lots of casseroles made with cream of mushroom soup and whining about broccoli. In all seriousness, I have some great memories of sitting down with my family […]

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means.  It’s Shrinkvivor check-in time!  How’s everyone doing so far?  Have you been keeping up with the fitness challenge and mini challenges we’ve been throwing at you each week?  Be sure to check in and let us know how everything is going so far! Fitness Challenge This week […]

        So, um, obviously, my first confession is that I forgot my confessions today. I was happily typing up the Tworkout post when I thought, Tworkout. Tuesday. TRUE CONFESSIONS! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! I would like to apologize to all of you because I know you’ve been probably waiting on day to hear […]

      Hey guys! Guess what? It’s Tworkout night! The night that we all workout (together on Twitter) while we watch our favorite TV shows! Of course you want to join us! So hop onto Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and Tworkout with us! Tonight’s Tworkout: 1. It’s a 3 min dance party! Turn […]

SUNDAY: White Chicken Chili. Cooler weather and football calls for chili and sweatpants. MONDAY: Parmesan-Sage Pork Loin. TUESDAY: Easy Chicken-Mushroom Quesadillas. WEDNESDAY: Italian Vegetable Hoagies. THURSDAY: Spiced Chicken with Couscous Salad. FRIDAY: Margherita Pizza. SATURDAY: Salmon and grilled veggies. SNACKS: Low-Fat Pumpkin Chip Muffins, Apple Bites DESSERTS: Monkey Bars Grocery List Meat/Fish/Poultry 6 lbs boneless, […]

Updated:  Winner winner- Kristin>OneCrazyMamaof4, please forward your address to [email protected] so that gift card can get mailed out to you.  Congrats! I run. I bike. I swim. I go the gym. I exercise a lot. Away from home. You hear about things happening to people when they are out and about, something requiring medical attention […]

I was bound and determined that I was going to run the entire Run the Hood 5k next weekend. It is something that I have never done before. I have walked more 5k’s than I can count. I have walk/ran some of those, but I have never ran an entire 5k. I figured I wasn’t […]

It is time! The Tribal Council is up and the tribes have spoken. The tribes list will be updated later this evening, find it here! The winner of this week’s BODYGLIDE gift pack is: Kirsten S., from Tribe Yellow! Congratulations!!

Do you remember when eggs were (basically) the Antichrist – cholesterol laden monstrosities that would certainly send you to an early grave? Well, research now shows that eggs aren’t all that bad after all. In fact, scientist use eggs as the ‘gold standard’ for measuring the protein quality of other foods. Yes, if you have a […]

Greetings Shrinkvivor tribes!! It is the great and all powerful check-in day, when we let the scale speak for us (whether we like it or not!) How did we do this week? First things first, let’s head on over and check in with the scale. When you get the numbers, make sure you write your […]

        Whoa! It’s Tuesday already?! I”m not sure how it happened, but I’m glad it did because that means it’s Tworkout night! So turn on your favorite TV show, hop onto Twitter, and join us at 8 p.m. Central for a butt kicking good time! Tonight’s Tworkout: 1. 1 min jumping jacks, […]

IT’S FALL! IT’S FALL! IT’S FALL! IT’S FALL! Now that I got that out of my system, can you tell that I’m excited that it’s FINALLY fall? The ice cream binging days are over. Oh yes, they are! Only to be replaced by fall comfort food. Sigh. My husband and son went to our local […]

Good afternoon! How are you this fine Monday? It’s time for our weekly C25K check-in! I should have just started Week 8, but I found myself getting a little behind this past week. I have started back at the gym several times a week. MUSCLE WORK + KICKBOXING = SORE MELISSA = NO RUNNING Yeah. […]

  I had taken a healthy lunch to work – yogurt with some high-fiber cereal, berries, an apple and a cheese stick. At the time I packed it, I assure you, I had every intention of eating it at lunchtime.  But I wasn’t too surprised when my break came and I headed to 7-11 and got […]