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{Giveaway Closed! Congrats to Megan, Megan, and Amber – our winners!}

Hey ya’ll, hey ya’ll, hey ya’ll!

We’re starting a new challenge today and it’s been gonna be a quickie one, only 5 weeks long.

We all walk, all day long.  We walk from the bed to the bathroom.  We walk all around our kitchen.  We walk to get into our car, to get from the parking lot into the office and down the hall to our cubicle, we chase walk our children at the park, we walk in the mall and at the grocery store and at the post office.  Here, there and everywhere.

Do you know how many steps a day you take?  I have no freakin’ clue.

Is it 2,000 or 5,000 or maybe 10,000 steps?

Does anyone know that they walk 10,000 steps per day, every day?  Stand up and raise your hand!

Why 10K and who is saying what about it?

Walking Tidbits:

  • The Surgeon General recommends 10K (10K = 10,000) a Day and that dude knows his stuff!
  • The SG recommends that all adults get 30 minutes of physical activity several times a week.
  • It takes roughly 2,000 steps to walk a mile.
  • 2 miles of walking can be completed in approximately 30 minutes (that’s 4,000 steps).
  • Therefore, the goal of taking 10,000 steps in one day (that equals 5 miles) assumes that a typical individual takes 6,000 steps during their normal daily activity.
  • Studies have shown that 10,000 steps daily can reduce your risk for chronic disease and an early death.

Information source:  WalkingInfo.org What’s that mean for you?  That means that all of us at The Sisterhood are going to get up and get moving!  I’m really interested to see how many steps I take in one day and how it measures up.  Am I getting the recommended 10K, above that or below that?  Once you get your baseline, you can start working your way toward a 10,000 step a day goal.  If you normally average 3,000 steps a day, then you might want to set a goal for 1,000 more steps a day.  Once you reach that goal, you increase to a new goal until you’ve reached 10,000. Sounds easy enough, right?  All you have to do is WALK (and walk a lot, ha ha!).  If you don’t want to count those steps (and who really does?), then you will want to invest in a pedometer.  I cannot recommend any one pedometer over another since I do not own one yet, but searching Amazon for pedometers lead me to pages of pedometers that might suit my needs, plus lots of reviews by real people (I love reading reviews).


You see that lovely pedometer below? Well, we’re going to giveaway 3 of them! YES! We want to help you get your 10KaDay!

To win, leave a comment below telling us how you plan to get extra steps in every day for the next 5 weeks. Surely all that shopping you’ll be doing will add to the pot, right?

Contest is sponsored by the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, and will end on Friday, November 25th at 12 midnight PT. Winner will be announce the next on this post. Please make sure you leave a valid email or twitter @ so we can get in touch with you! Oh yeah, if you buy a pedometer using that link above, we’ll make 2 cents since it’s an affiliate link! Gracias, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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