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Cheating! I’m a cheater and I am confessing this to you.

I have cheated with food. Sometimes it’s as innocent as the fun size Butterfinger candy bar I am nibbling on while I write this post. Other times it could be a full out pig fest. Maybe a philly steak sandwich with waffle fries, three Bacardi and diet and some fried pickles. Then again, it could be pizza, breadsticks and the wonderful Bacardi and diet.

I’ve cheated on my workouts. Some of you might be asking how you can cheat on a workout. Believe me…it can be done. You can “lose” count and be done before you really are with some reps. You can push halfway instead of all the way. You can do your push ups against a wall instead of on the floor. Need I go on? I’ve got more if you need to hear them.

I’ve also cheated on the scale. This is really the easiest cheat there is. I am the only person in the bathroom with the scale. I am the only person who knows what that scale says, so I could say it says anything I want. Who could possibly know any different?

I’ve cheated when I tracked my food. It’s really easy to “forget” the little snack you had or the extra cookie you ate. You can say you had 4 ounces of chicken when you really had 6 ounces. How about saying you had broccoli and forgetting to say it was smothered in cheese sauce?

Cheating…you get the idea. It’s pretty easy to be a cheater. The more you do it, the easier it gets. The good news is that I have pretty much given up the cheating. I still have occasional lapses, but nothing like I used to do years ago. Would you like to know the reason I gave up cheating? I realized that the only thing I was cheating was myself and where is the fun in that?

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