Shrinkvivor Check-In :: November 9 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Oh. My. Goodness.

Can you believe it? We are almost to the end of the Shrinkvivor Challenge! As of today, the tribes have merged and we now have just one tribe left.

Ladies and Gents, we now have Tribe LeanJean. And the results of today’s weigh in will lead us to the Top 7 Shrinkvivors.

Please note: ALL SEVEN FINALISTS MUST HAVE STARTING WEIGHT PHOTOS AND A PHOTO OF THEIR WEIGHT TOMORROW to be in the Top 7. Otherwise, a new challenger will be selected. If you are announced in the Top 7 tomorrow, you MUST email us the photos!

Now that we are down to one tribe, there are a few changes to how things will be handled this week…

  • Only one person will be eliminated this week.
  • The person who wins immunity for the week will automatically be in the Top 7!
  • The other 6 finalists will be based on percentage of weight lost.
  • The Top 7 Shrinkvivors will be announced during Tribal Council tomorrow.
  • Questions for the Top 7 will be posted on Thursday and they will have until Friday night to vlog their answers. Voting will open on Saturday at noon! More details on the vlog and voting process will be coming soon.


Now onto some more good stuff — remember that each week, we’ll be giving away an awesome gift pack to one random challenger! BODYGLIDE is providing some great products for our SHRINKVIVORS!

In order to qualify, you must check-in by our cut-off time of 9 p.m. CENTRAL time. Winner will be chosen via and announced on this post tomorrow. Prize packs include:

For Women:

1 Bodyglide For Her .8oz

1 Liquified Powder Tube 1.6oz

1 WarmFx .45oz

1 Sun & Sport .45oz

1 Bodyglide Cap

For Men:

1 Original Anti Chafe 1.3oz

1 Liquified Powder Tube 1.6oz

1 WarmFx .45oz

1 Sun & Sport .45oz

1 Bodyglide Cap

Thanks to our awesome sponsors, we have some very sweet prizes for our Ultimate Shrinkvivor and Exiled Shrinkvivor.

Grand Prize Sponsors

More details coming soon!

Tribal council will be posted Thursday night, hosted by the one and only Heather Probst. Remember, if you don’t check in by 9 p.m. Central you will be OUT of the challenge. Get movin’ and fill out the check-in form!


So here’s the nitty gritty of it. Weight yourself, blog about it (don’t forget those pictures!), then tell us about it! Make sure you link to your blog post below, and then take the opportunity to spread the love! Visit some other Shrinvivors and let them know that you share their joy (or feel their pain).

Weigh-in Form

Link Up!!

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