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I’ve been up since 7 am.

Dogs out. Make coffee. Kids breakfast. My breakfast.  Make husband’s lunch. Playtime for kiddos while I organize/clean garage. Nap for the babe. Five loads of laundry (three year old had an accident last night), washed, dried, folded, put away. Beds made. Load the kids in the car. Haircut for the boy. Lunch. Groceries. Home. Groceries away. Nap number two for the babe. Play outside (Okay, the kiddo played, I scooped dog poop. Yay.) Make dinner. Feed children and myself. Bath time. Kids in jammies. Read same book to the boy…five times.  Reheat dinner for husband. Put the babe to bed. Put the boy to bed. Do the dinner dishes. Put the babe to bed AGAIN.

And here I am. This is the first time I’ve sat down for more than 10 minutes. It’s almost 10:30 pm.

Whew. To say I’m scattered and exhausted is most definitely an understatement.

I’m sure days like this are the norm for many of you. Am I right? Days where you go go GO and when you finally stop, you can’t remember what you’ve done.

As I sit here, pounding away at my keyboard, I feel my lower back aching. I know why it’s hurting – I have zero core strength. I used to do pilates to keep my core, thus my back, in check.

I used to run. I used to spend hours immersed in books. There are so many things I USED to do. I can hardly remember what free time is like. In fact, I wonder what the hell I did with myself before I had children.

Scratch that. I SLEPT.

The lack of ‘me’ time in my life is reaching critical mass. I have a mile long to do list. My personal blog is stagnant. My DVR is bursting at the seams with unwatched shows. I’m living vicariously through Pinterest.

I know I must carve out some time to take care of myself. My body is telling me. It’s hurting. It’s breaking down.

I need exercise. Sleep. Showers that last longer than 2 minutes. Maybe exercise is going to have to be a quick circuit of planks, crunches and push ups while the kiddo is at preschool and the babe (hopefully) naps, with a walk thrown in here and there. Sleep? Go to bed earlier, I suppose. But that means forfeiting the shower.


Seriously, can someone give me a few more hours in the day?

And also? If you have this time juggle figured out, clue a girl in, okay?

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