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Welcome to another edition of True Confessions, the post where you get to confess all of your unhealthy sins from the past week. Once you confess them, you are instructed to just let them go because the past is in the past and you WILL do better this week, correct? Correct. OK!

I think because I’m in that sort of mood today and because it’s my post, we’ll do this bullet point style.

  • I haven’t exercised in…let’s see….hmmmm… We’ll just go with a really long time. I’ve been staying active, I’ll give you that, but to actually get my arse to a gym? Hasn’t happened in a while. I do have a good excuse lately, I had bronchitis and a sinus infection and battled congestion for a while, but now that I’m getting better, I hope to figure out a way to fit some exercise in.
  • I had cut back on my coffee, but here lately I’ve been working a lot of OT, so I don’t want to really admit to how much coffee I’ve been drinking. Let’s just go with, I’m not falling asleep (much) at work, mkay? Plus, I just can’t always help myself. I’m halfway in love with Colombian coffee because it’s the best, and they keep Colombian coffee at work.
  • I HAVE been getting more water in lately. (High fives all around!) It seems that if I drink water out of a big styrofoam cup, I drink lots of it. (Whatever works, right?) I’ve decorated my cup so that it’s really pretty. (Don’t judge. I’m drinking water, aren’t I?)
  • Oh yeah. I had a really sinful piece of cheesecake at dinner on Saturday. The good part is that I shared it. And we didn’t eat all of it. Plus, we danced afterwards, so I don’t feel so bad. Except that it really was to die for. No, really.
  • I have NOT gone through all of the leftover Halloween candy. (High fives all around!) I have had a piece here or there, but nothing to be too ashamed over. In fact, it hasn’t really looked that good to me.
  • I’ll go ahead and confess this one now. I will be making a Sonic the Hedgehog birthday cake this weekend. I’m sure it’ll be hard not to stick my finger in the icing. I’m sure I’ll stick my finger in the icing. Once. Or twice. I love cake. Dangit.

So… I guess that’s all from me. Now it’s your turn! Give us your confessions! And also note your “high fives” so that we can high five you too!

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