Menu Plan Your Butt Off {MendingJen} | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


This week’s menu plan is brought to us by Jen from Listen.Learn.Love.Mend. If you’re interested in menu planning for the Sisterhood, give us a shout in the comments! We love guest menu planners!

Shrinkers, I have been absent from the menu planning lately! When last I was here, I was still Jen in Real Life but I have since started a new blog and changed my twitter handle! I am now @mendingjen and can be found blogging at Listen.Learn.Love.Mend! Many of you may not know, but on November 17th I had knee and ankle surgery. I have been out of commission. In fact, I have not lifted a finger to do any work in the kitchen since surgery and I am not likely to return to full duty anytime soon! I am in a cast until December 27th. YES, you read that correct, I will still be in a cast (and still under doctor’s order for no weight on ankle) for Christmas.

I am the luckiest wife and mother on the whole planet (yep, I said that too and I believe it)!!! My husband and daughter have taken over ALL kitchen duties. I just make lists and help every one stay on task! The husband is a great cook, so again, me = LUCKY!

On the Menu:

Monday: Spaghetti and Meatballs with a Salad
Tuesday: Baked Mustard Chicken (similar to THIS) and green veg
Wednesday: Steak, baked potatoes and salad (Q’s Christmas Concert)
Thursday: Eggs over Chorizo & Potato Hash
Friday: Chinese My Way Stir-fry (any uncooked veggies from the week, plus some water chestnuts & snow peas, maybe some chicken or beef, all sauteed in a wok with teryaki & soy sauces served over rice)

Misc. Foods (prepared for lunches, snacks, or hunger attacks):
minestrone soup Meatball Subs (leftover meatballs from Monday’s dinner are perfect for lunches)

Chicken Salad (bake an extra chicken breast on Tuesday to turn into chicken salad sandwiches for Wednesday lunch)