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As I look back on this past year, there is one thing that I know is true…well, there are several things that I know are true, but today I’m focusing on one thing in particular.

I’ve said before how this year has been a rough year for me physically. As we sit here with our coffee or glass of water, I’m battling another cold.

Also as we sit here, I know that I do have a plan in place to get back into tip top shape in 2012. I’m really looking forward to it. But I do have a confession to make….

While I’m going to get back into shape and be conscious of what I eat (I’m already doing that.), I’m not going to worry with the scales. I’m just not. I got into the numbers game once and it just didn’t work for me. It stressed me out way too much. I worried myself sick over what number I was each week.

Right now, I know I weigh more than I have in a while. And oddly, I’m okay with it. For a few reasons. First, this year has been a crazy good year for me. I’ve had to learn balance. I feel like I am learning that balance and now that I’ve found it, I can get back on track. Second, I am confident that I WILL get back into shape. There’s no doubt in my mind. As much as I hate exercise and don’t feel a high from it (that’s a whole other post), I do like how my body feels when it’s in shape. And third, I finally truly love me. I love my body no matter what size it is. I know that health-wise, my doctor says I’m in a good place (other than these damn colds), and learning to love myself has been a hard road.

I know that I will never be a size 2. I really don’t want to be. Loving my body goes deeper than the scales or the mirror. It means that I truly accept who I am. It means I am striving to be the best I can be and to live my live as healthy as possible, but that I’m not going to freak out if my weight doesn’t say 125.

I will probably spot  check myself on the scales here and there, but my ultimate focus is going to be to exercise and to make healthier food choices. The rest will work itself out in the end.

2011 was a pretty damn good year. I”m looking even more forward to 2012. Here’s to a Happy Healthy Holidays! And a Oustanding Healthier New Year!

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