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I feel like I was just sitting here writing about what was going to happen in 2011 and what was in store for me.

It feels like yesterday and now, 2012 is just DAYS away!

Where did the year go?! I know we ask this every year but I feel like this year went especially fast. (I think I say that too every year but really I mean it this time!)

So what did YOU do in 2011?  What milestones did you reach? Did you have a personal best? Did you go further or faster than ever before? Did you surpass any expectation of yourself whatsoever? Do you have a memory in fitness that you will always remember for 2011? Did you lose weight, reach goal or make progress?

More importantly, did you get any of it on camera? Any part of it, the crossing the finish, the before – the after- the during? We are sharing the Sisterhood’s year in pictures, will you be in it?

Send us a picture of you in 2011, your favorite memory, your favorite race,  whatever represents what 2011 in fitness meant to you.

Here’s what we need:

  • 1 photo of you – your favorite photo & memory from kicking butt in 2011 (You can send me more than one and I might use them but make sure you label which one’s your favorite).
  • Your name, blog URL and the description of the picture, nice and short (i.e. PR at Ice Ridge 5k 28:35 or 1st 1/2 Marathon Nike Women’s: 2:40)
  • Have it in video? Send us a 10 second clip! (Please no long videos, we need your favorite 10 second clip, I don’t want to cut off the important parts and it can only be 10 seconds.)
  • OPTIONAL: Want to make a brand new message of your awesome 2011 by phone or flip? That’s cool too! Just make sure it’s 10 seconds long. (if it’s longer, it will get clipped so make sure it’s only 10 seconds — I wish we could make an exception but it’s the software, not me.)
  • OPTIONAL: If you posted the race recap of that particular picture, link to it! (We will link to these in our post that day!)
  • OPTIONAL: Your mantra or favorite quote (not necessary but would be lovely).

Send it in an email to christieo at

We will release it next week in time for the new year, so send in YOURS NOW! Or at least by Tuesday, December 27th if you want to get in, and we want you!

So head over to your photos right now sitting in your computer and send it to me. Have the Merriest of Christmas and the Happiest of Hanukkas and the Happiest of Holidays!

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