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I think part of setting goals for the new year involves looking back and finding what worked for you and what didn’t in the past year. Sometimes it’s hard. In looking back, I realized that parts of my last year were spent tearing myself down. I had days where I couldn’t find anything about myself that I liked. Let’s just say I had a very blurred picture of myself when I looked in the mirror.

Sometimes here at Shrinking Jeans, we have brainstorming emails with all the writers. One of the ideas recently was to revisit a post that Lisa did in May of 2010. It was back in the days when we had The Thursday Three. The idea of the post was this: When I look in the mirror, I like my _______.

The response to this post was awesome. Lisa asked us to leave a comment or write a blog post about three things that we liked about ourselves when we looked in the mirror. Here is my response to the post. Peoples responses were as different as the people who wrote them. Everyone found things they liked about themselves. It was wonderful.

Life is far too short to dwell on what we think is wrong with us. There are too many things that are wonderful about us. You don’t have to have a perfect smile and model thin thighs. Washboard abs and perky breasts won’t guarantee happiness. Enjoying who you are and what you are is key.

All you have to do is the best that you can for yourself. Try to eat the right things. Try to exercise. Try to drink enough water. Try to get enough sleep. Try to be good to yourself. Don’t always focus on what you think is wrong with you. There are so many good things to love about yourself.

So…let’s do it again. Write a blog post or leave it in the comments. What are the three things that you love about yourself? We can’t wait to hear from you.

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