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Happy Friday, Sisterhood! And might I add it’s Friday the 13th. Are you supersticious today?

I have a few great things to share with you on this 13th day of January. Wow, I can’t believe we’re already almost 2 weeks into the year!


Have you joined our Shrink Yo’Self Challenge? It’s never too late to join, and we’d love to have you. Just jump right in and check-in on Wednesday mornings. You can find more information about the challenge right here.

Speaking of challenges, we’re working on a little project over on the ‘hood called 52 Small Changes. It’s based on the book by Brett Blumenthal titled 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You. We are making one small change each week, and never fear, they are easy changes, small changes….


BODYGLIDE fans! The folks at BODYGLIDE are looking for real people who use their products and have a great story to tell. Did you overcome an obstacle? Run your first 5K or half marathon? Has BODYGLIDE helped you in another aspect of your life? Submit your story here for a chance to be a part of something exciting at BODYGLIDE! Entries must be received by January 22nd to be considered!


Be sure to check out the ALL NEW DailyBurn! Get “daily custom-designed video workouts using DailyBurn’s IntelliBurn™ technology. The new DailyBurn brings fitness to members’ fingertips, anytime, anywhere by streaming HD-quality custom workouts, personal result metrics, and nutrition and healthy living tools to users’ smartphone, computer, tablet or television every day.” It’s all kinds of awesome! Nancy and I have been reviewing it and WOW!

Moving Comfort has a brand new spring line and free shipping withe a $50 purchase. Check out some of there awesome new styles!


Some of the Healthiest Food Trends of 2012

  1. Dessert Vegetables! What? Think zucchini muffins and parsnip cakes. Yes! The trend this year is to get creative with those veggies!
  2. Breakfast for Dinner! While this isn’t new to me, there are some creative new ways to do it. Think waffles topped with eggs and bacon. It can be healthy when you control the ingredients at home.
  3. Flexitarians – Yeah, I was confused when I saw that word, too. ‘Almost vegetarianism’ is on the rise. Lots of people are eating more of a vegetarian diet and indulging in meat only occasionally.
  4. Gluten-Free Restaurants – In a salute to the extimated 6% of gluten intolerant among our population, entire gluten-free restaurants are popping up all over the place. In 2010-2011 menu items promoted as gluten-free rose by 61%.
  5. Trees for Dinner? It’s true. Pine needles contain 6x more vitamin C than lemons and eucalyptus is great for warding off cold. Chefs are starting to use these “leafy greens” to flavor meats, to infuse in vinegars and butters, and even pureed into soups. Yum ? !


I couldn’t NOT share this with you. You will laugh, you will shake your head, you will roll your eyes, and you will say WTF? Enjoy!

Welcome to legendary North Dakota!

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