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…. it’s for me!

The first time I ever did yoga was years ago and I had a cold.  Not ideal when the class I walked into was super-quiet with n’er a creature stirring.  My sneezing, coughing and general phlemgy loudness made me so nervous because I know that I was disruptive to the peacefulness of that class.

I never went back to a yoga class until I started my running journey.

I ventured back into a yoga class last year but this time I made sure that I was healthy and breathing freely : ).  I loved it!  No, I couldn’t do every move but I could almost do the modified moves- ha!  More importantly, I loved how my body felt less stiff/sore/achy after doing that class.

Since then, I go to yoga whenever I need to loosen up the body.  I have invested in a few yoga videos so that I could do yoga anytime I wanted which is usually at odd, non-gym hours.  I also searched www.youtube.com for specific yoga sequences to target certain areas of my body that were ailing me at any given time.

I have found that doing a 10 min morning yoga sequence in the morning wakes up my body achy joints for the day.  I don’t do it every day but I do try to squeeze it in on the days I run.  It. just. feels. good.  Oh so good.

I know some of you are sitting there blowing off the thought of yoga, saying *yoga isn’t for me* and maybe it isn’t, but how will you know if you never give it a try?  You don’t have to perfect at it.  The point is to make your body more flexible and stronger at the same time and that sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it?

Here are my favorite yoga DVD/youtube videos for yoga:

  • Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners (broken down in to a 20 min morning workout and a 15 minute evening workout)
  • Morning Yoga for Flexibility (www.youtube.com video, 11 minutes long; I LOVE this video and try to do it on the mornings I plan to run, it just loosens everything up so nicely for me)
  • Yoga, an Evening Practice (www.youtube.com video, 16 minutes; I love this one to help me wind down and relax at the end of the day.  Again, I don’t do this video every night, just the evenings that I need to stretch out tired, sore muscles).

Do you have a favorite yoga video/sequence/class?  Or is yoga in the *never* category for you?!


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