Shrink Yo’Self & 2012 Goals – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


January 4, 2012 By Christy

I’m not really thrilled with this assignment because it requires me to sit down and make plans for the future. Plans that I can’t just make up! If I say it, I must live it, or at least try really hard!

Okay, here goes:

My short term goals for this challenge are:

  1. I want to lose 8 pounds during this challenge, and I will follow Weight Watchers to a T, even if I go over my points. I won’t pretend I didn’t and ‘forget’ to log them!
  2. Workout more. I want to mix it up with moderate and vigorous workouts. I really think getting some vigorous cardio is absolutely necessary to losing weight. I will start looking for more cardio options by way of online streaming videos and the DVDs I already have at home.
  3. Run more. This would be the vigorous workout I speak of. I need to make running a priority and find a way to fit it in. It’s hard with wee ones at home and no one to watch them so you can actually escape for a run. So I’m still figuring out the logistics on this one….
  4. Drink at least 80 ounces of water everyday. This is key!!

My long-term goals look very similar but aren’t as broad.

  1. Run at least 2 1/2 marathons this year. Most likely one of them will be the Zooma Austin Women’s 1/2 Marathon, but of course that means I should be training RIGHT NOW, and I’m kinda sorta not. Hmph. I also want to run a race in the fall.
  2. Get down to my goal weight (but first I need to refigure what that weight is!). I will continue on Weight Watchers and regular exercise until I reach this goal! And after I reach my goal, I will not gain the weight back!
  3. Follow through with the 52 Small Changes Project. I think I will benefit more from that than anything else.
  4. I want to stay on top of things. House cleaning, de-cluttering, laundry, the kids stuff, my stuff, everything! I struggle with motivation, and I think scheduling things on the calendar will help me stay on top of them!

I think that’s it! 4 short term and 4 long term goals. Seems doable, not overwhelming, very feasible!