Shrink Yo’Self Challenge – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


January 11, 2012 By Christy

I’m going to do a mini-True Confessions post since I didn’t find time yesterday!

True Confessions

  1. I did awesome counting my points this last week. Sunday was my ‘splurge day’ – when I did WW before, I always indulged one day a week in a really awesome meal. We went out and I had a New York Strip, mac & cheese, and this really awesome smoked salmon dip that was loaded with mayo! I did split the steak with my son, so I figure I only ate about 5-6 ounces of superbly cooked beef. And we skipped dessert. Mmmmmmmmmm.
  2. Monday was back to plan, except when I passed by Wendy’s while I was out shopping. OMG. I SWEAR there was a magnetic force that pulled my car into the drive-thru. I couldn’t stop. So I had a burger and fries. And then I felt really guilty. And I had a salad for dinner. I hate feeling guilty for eating something, and most of the time I don’t, but maybe I did this time because it was my first week officially back on WW.  Also being in the position I’m in, I want to set a good example around here. So that’s why I’m confessing. I could have pretended it never happened and you wouldn’t have known the difference. But I wanted to admit it and keep it real. Yo.

That’s it!


I am down 1.4 pounds this week! WOOHOOOOO!!!!

Start: 148.2

Last week: 146

This week: 144.6

Total loss: 3.6 pounds!

On the letter to my 2012 self, I have started, but haven’t finished it. I will get it done this week! Promise.

On the 52 Small Changes project, I am rocking it. Last week I got in at least 84 ounces a day, and over 100 most days. This week I have been in bed by 10:30 and lights out at 11. That gives me 7 hours in bed, even though most nights I’m still waking at least 1x. I’ve been taking melatonin (on the recommendation of my doctor) and it’s definitely helped me fall asleep faster (it used to take me 30-60 minutes just to fall asleep), and when I wake at night, I am able to go back to sleep. Before, I would often be up for hours.

On the Fitness Challenge, I am doing so-so. I’m not going to make any excuses. I got in 2 days of 1/2 moderate and 1/2 vigorous workouts with bootcamp. A few other days I got in some moderate exercise. I really wanted to get in some more vigorous activity to burn some more fat. This week I’m planning on using the Daily Burn’s new fitness app. I’m reviewing it and have it loaded on my iPad, so I’ll let you know what I think!

Here’s to another awesome week!