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Good morning, friends! Welcome to this week’s installment of True Confessions, the post where you can confess all of your unhealthy sins from the previous week. Once you confess it, you forget about it, and start fresh.

I’ll get us started….

We’ll do this list style:

1. I had two desserts in one meal on Saturday. Two. I didn’t really need two. I really didn’t need one, but oh how I love dessert. I did make up for it by having a bowl of Special K for dinner since I really wasn’t that hungry from the TWO desserts.

2. I headed to the cafeteria last week with every intention of buying a chocolate muffin. (Hey. It was that TOM last week. Don’t judge.) I bought Cheerios instead.

3. I’m addicted to Sheetz coffee but it’s not my fault. Do you have Sheetz? Sheetz is a gas station here and they have the best coffee in the world. And! Not only that, they’re just awesome. On Saturday, they were out of Colombian coffee (because let’s face it, Colombian coffee is the best), and we had to wait for them to brew more. So, since we waited, they gave us our coffee for free! Free! So, we went back Sunday.

4. Confession: We usually go to Sheetz on Sunday anyway. I know.

5. I had a chance to try tripe for the first time on Sunday. I couldn’t get my stomach to do it. I feel so bad. I pride myself on trying anything once, but I couldn’t bring myself to try the tripe. Maybe another day.

Ok, now it’s your turn! Let’s hear it… what do you have to confess? Tell us in the comments below or blog all about it and leave us the link to your post below! Go! Why are you still sitting there? Confess already…are you there?

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