True Confessions Tuesday! Whoop! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


(Cough  cough hack hack *sniff* cough cough)

Be so happy you can’t get sick through reading this because I’ve got spores everywhere!

I’ve been sick since Friday, literally I slept 17 hours yesterday, I haven’t done that since college, and apparently the only thing I can stomach is soup and chocolate chip cookies.

So here is my confession: I’ve either been wayyy good (soup! the brothy kind even, not the creamy kind!) And lots of V8 and water (mostly water).

Or wayyyyyy not-so-good (chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps some ice cream.)

I’m going to make this one short today because I can’t put coherent thoughts together very well. But I do hope you have had a great week! Feel free to share your disgressions, concessions, miscalculations and mishaps in the comments below.

Here’s to good choices for all of us in the coming week! Cheers!

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