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I am having a devil of a time getting back into exercise. My main obstacles are time and exhaustion. And I’m also just kind of bewildered at where to start.

But I’ve got to start somewhere. Take a step. I’ve done this before…I went from unable to run a mile to completing a half marathon in less than one year.

I’m not sure what goals I have yet. I don’t know if I want to try for another half, or maybe a triathlon? Mostly, I just want to lose weight and be able to wear all the clothes hanging in my closet.

What I do know is that I’m in need of something NEW. Something interesting and fun, where I see results.

I’ve done yoga. I’ve done pilates. I’ve tried the personal trainer route. Running. Soccer. Shredding.

Yes, I’ve tried many workouts. And clearly I’m kind of ADD. I get bored and I get bored FAST.

Here’s what I’m looking at trying out:

– Crossfit. This looks very appealing – a ‘back to basics’ strength and conditioning program. I used to love conditioning class in high school – I love lifting free weights. Way more fun and result producing than machines. Everyone I know who has tried Crossfit is crazy in love with it…but it is EXPENSIVE. Bah. Still, it’s a contender.

– Zumba. No, I haven’t tried Zumba. I feel like I’m way behind the times on this one. It’s probably not even cool anymore. But still, I’m intrigued. I’m a terrible dancer, but whatever. I’d still shake my booty.

– Booty Barre. Another exercise video. Hold on though…a workout combining dance, ballet and pilates? Might be fun. I just worry that I’d accidentally kick one of my kids in our tiny living room while attempting this workout.

– P90X: Frankly, this scares me. Maybe I NEED to be scared. But lordy, everyone I know who has tried this workout system has had trouble walking or even lifting their arms to wash their hair in the shower.

So I have a few ideas. Anyone out there tried and loved/hated any of these?

What’s your favorite workout?

I need some ideas, stat. Hit me up in the comments!

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