A Friday poem and challenge – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s an amazing thing, this website we have,

But every now and then, it makes us all mad.

When growing pains happen and the site goes down,

Behind the scenes, you’ll hear cussing all around.

Have no fear, Christy, Melissa, and Heather are on the case!

They’ll work out the kinks! They have magical ways!

They work night and day to solve the down time,

Drinking lots of coffee (and maybe shots), it’s like solving a crime!

Thank you for your patience, appeciate it we do

and for today, I have a challenge for each of you.

Write a poem about something healthy you did today.

Doesn’t that sounds fun, don’t you want to play?

And don’t worry, it doesn’t HAVE  to rhyme.

Just have fun writing about your exercise time.

Off you go, go get your work out in, I say!

And we all hope you have a really good day!

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