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OK Sisters, this one will be quick.  I am not feeling very wordy today : ).

Sundays here at Shrinking Jeans were the days we posted recipes and a weekly menu plan. However, that is all changing with the new addition of Shrinking Kitchen.  If you read regularly, then you already saw the post announcing this newest endeavor.  If not, then I’m letting you know now.  Shrinking Kitchen is our new site where we will post recipes and all things food related.

Have you checked it out yet?  If not, then go do it now, please.  We are SO excited about this- special kudos to Christy, Melissa and Heather for pulling it together- you girls ROCK!

Shrinking Kitchen–  Eat! Drink! Shrink!

P.S.- Today is Superbowl Sunday.  Maybe you know that and care and maybe you don’t know that.  Anyhoo, before you head to that Superbowl party or celebrate just because every one else is, you much check out Thea’s post about what the typical person consumes at a Superbowl Party and what it would take to undo the damage of just three tortilla chips.

P.P.S. Kelsey, you won the Attunes Gift Pack.  Please forward your mailing address to [email protected]

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