Shrinking Kitchen Launch! – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We have some very exciting news for you! Today marks the launch of our incredible new website, Shrinking Kitchen!

What is Shrinking Kitchen, you ask? It’s a brand-spankin’ new website brought to you by the co-founders of The Sisterhood, and we’ve added Heather to the menu as our Editor-in-Chief! The site is devoted entirely to healthy foods, cooking, and tips and tricks to spice up your kitchen life. Whether you are looking for a healthy dish to serve the family for dinner or need to know what the hell flambé means, the Shrinking Kitchen will be your go-to source for everything you’re cooking up!

Delicious, shrink-your-butt recipes? Check.

Handy-dandy conversion chart? Oh, yes we did!

Common food weights? MmmmHmm.

Cooking dictionary? We’ve got you covered.

Beautiful photos that will have you drooling at first sight? Put on a bib, Sisters and Brothers. You’re going to need it.

Along with fun weekly features, the girls of Shrinking Kitchen will be bringing you fresh, healthy recipes several times a week while utilizing the ZipList format.

ZipList – Organize Your Recipes, Plan Your Menu, and Always Have Your Grocery List On Hand

At the Shrinking Kitchen, you’ll notice that each recipe ‘card’ has a Print feature and a Save Recipe button. If you choose to Save Recipe and you don’t have an account with ZipList, you’ll be prompted to open one. It’s simple and FREE! Once you save recipes, you’ll have the option of adding the ingredients right to your ZipList Grocery Shopping List which you can access free using their iPhone and Android mobile apps. You’ll never have to worry about losing your paper list again. And, you’ll have access to over 300,000 recipes in the ZipList community. So let’s summarize. You get to save recipes in a handy online recipe box from which you can quickly plan your menu for the week, and instantly create grocery lists and access them on your phone. Oh, did I mention coupons? Yes! ZipList will automatically share coupons with you for things already on your list. Genius. Plus, you’ll have access to a bajillion recipes online, most with nutritional information available. Sign up for a ZipList account now!

Make sure you have all the bases covered…

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