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Confession is good for the soul, folks, so I’m confessing. My failures this week have been with food. They haven’t been awful. They have been a big lack of self control. Three nights this week, I have had a bowl of ice cream. Twice it was in the middle of the night. How stupid is that?!?! I was pretty good during the Super Bowl. I didn’t have one food snack during the game. I did have three Bacardi and diets though. Saturday I was on the computer and I ate a half a sleeve of Ritz crackers. Like I said..stupid!

That all chances this week. I have made up my mind that I am going to stop this mindless eating. There is no reason for it. If I must snack, there are much better options. I have a fridge full of fruits and veggies all washed and cut up and ready to eat. I just have to reach in there and grab them and that is just what I plan to do.

I have been doing an excellent job on exercise. I’m not missing any classes. In fact, my Thursday class has gone to a 90 minute kettle bell/zumba extravaganza. I love it. Piyo continues to be my hardest class, but I still enjoy it. It’s just really hard on my wrists and ankles.

I have started the Fab Ab February workout with Ann. We are keeping each other honest with texts and Facebook check ins each day. We started a few days late, so we had to catch up by doing two workouts a day for two days. Now we are on track with the daily workouts. I put the chart below if you’d like to join us. I got the chart from Bari. Thanks girlfriend. I’m loving it. I’m a little scared about the end of the month though.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us all about your week. Link your blog post or your confessions in the comments. You’ll feel better when you do and you can start over again with a fresh slate.

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