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Ahhhh, it’s Tuesday once again and time to air my dirty (or not so dirty) laundry.  Also, it’s your turn too- woot woot!

Here are my confessions- short and sweet style.

1.  Girl Scout cookies are the devil recreated in a cookie form.  I find it nearly impossible to just eat a few at a time. Or, I will eat a few at a time several times throughout the day.  This is not conducive to my wanting to lose a few pounds.  I find the best way to control myself around Girl Scout cookies is just not to buy them in the first place. I will try and remember this next year.

2.  For Valentine’s Day, my husband has hooked us up with tickets to a comedy show, complete with champagne and cheesecake.  While I am so appreciative of his thoughtfulness, I am secretly wishing for a few hours of quiet, *let’s watch a romantic comedy at home* instead.  However, we have three kids and live with my MIL so that ain’t happening for a while- ha!

3.  My bras aren’t fitting the way they should be fitting.  I’m not sure what the deal is- did I lose some weight in my ta-ta’s but not anywhere else?! I think I need a new bra fitting and soon because the ones I have are driving me crazy.  I bet ya’ll were dying to know that, weren’t you?!

4.  My weight non-loss has been stagnating for a long while now. I know that I need to change something in order to kick start it again.  I even know what I need to change- my diet and less of it- ha!.  Am I ready to DO IT? I realize I am the only one who can answer this question.  I guess that would make it a rhetorical question, huh?

5.  I’m tired.  Period, the end.

OK, it’s your turn.  Blog your confessions or share in the comments below.  Happy VD! : )

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