What Does Groundhog Day Have In Common With Fitness? | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Happy Groundhog Day!

Today’s the day we learn our (possible) collective fate, the prediction from a tiny little furry creature in a hole: will we get 6 more weeks of the treadmill or bike trainer? (Yes).

You may be wondering what on earth fitness and Groundhog Day might have in common but I assure you there are similarities.

First of all, whether or not he’s a morning person doesn’t matter. Punxsatawny Phil has to wake up early to get the job done and that’s that. He can’t even cave under the pressure, everyone is waiting with bated breath on his results! Shadow or no shadow! We want to know!

Now, we too have the option to cave and scurry back into our caves of course, but now that you’ve been inspired by Punxsatawny Phil and his story, will you? Nah. Not today. You’ve got a job to do today, and you’re gonna get out there! Just like Phil! We may not be a morning peoples but sometimes when that’s the only window, that’s the only window.

Second, there’s a little movie called Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. You’ve probably seen it and I’m guessing it’ll probably be on some station sometime today.

The question is, do you wake up day after day after day stuck in the same day? If you’re nodding yes, that’s frustrating isn’t it!? We get in a fitness rut and sometimes it happens quickly. We don’t know how to get out of it or perhaps don’t have the motivation to get out of it. The good news is, thank God we are not Bill Murray, WE can actually fix that! Let’s go forth into February 3rd determined to make it different. It’s like New Years day all over again. (Which I suppose would be sort of like Groundhog Day only with New Year’s Day. Oh nevermind. You know what I mean.)

Next, groundhogs have a pretty impressive weight-loss regimen. They hibernate all winter and when they wake up in February, they actually find they’ve lost 1/2 their body weight! Which is not unlike the experience of those who have traveled through one of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans’ challenges, right?? So even though you’re not hibernating your way to weight-loss (and perhaps 1/2 your body weight would be a little extreme for a winter weight-loss) you are still doing something for several weeks at a time and coming out the other end shrinkier! Go us!

Lastly, guess what a groundhog’s diet is? According to Groundhog.org (yes, that website actually exists):

“A groundhog’s diet consists of lots of greens, fruits, and vegetables.”


Again. Us. All us.

See? Told ya. OK maybe some of these was a stretch, but still!

Have a great Groundhog day. Let’s be groundhogs!

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