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Sometimes, when you are starting out on a new goal, it’s hard to see beyond the initial excitement of the process. You’re all gung ho to get started, but that “honeymoon feeling” can’t last forever, right?

Monica Bullock, a writer on Yahoo! Voices came up with the Ten Stages of Goal Setting. I think her take on the stages is spot on!

1. Excitement! – You may be saying, I am so excited about achieving this! I am going to make it happen!

2. Developing a Plan – I’ve sat down with my notebook and pencil and have made a plan. I have my list ready. I know I am going to be successful! I will reach my goal!

3. Beginning – Here we go! I’ve punched the clock, it’s start time.

4. Unsteady Beginning – Well, the beginning did not as easily as I hoped but I’ve got my eyes on the prize. I will reach my goal.

5. I Can See It! – I have some success. I know I can do this!

6. Difficulty Arises – I got knocked back a few feet, this is more difficult than I thought.

7. Rationalization – Well, I didn’t really want to do this anyway. I don’t need a raise. (new car, new sales etc.) My family does not need me to be away this much anyway. I really need to clean the house. (cut the grass, paint the house etc.) I can do this next summer or next year.

8. Immobility – I do nothing. I don’t even want to talk about it. I run from the people who may hold me accountable to my goal. I don’t really want them in my life anyway. I guess I don’t really have what it takes to do this after all. This was the wrong goal. Or maybe this was the wrong time.

9. Recommitment – I really do want this! My goal looks great! I can succeed and my family will be so proud of me when I do! I can even reach a bigger goal after this.

10. I did it! – The thrill of achievement is wonderful. I have such joy.

Do you agree that there are stages to any kind of change or goal setting process? Sit down and think about where you are your journey. In which stage do you find yourself?

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