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How’s this for last minute race registration?

I signed up to run the Capital 10K (Austin, TX) that is happening as you read this (or if you are reading later on Sunday, look- I am already done running!)…..

I registered today (Saturday….as in the day BEFORE the race, at 3pm to be exact).

How’s THAT for planning?!

The beauty of this though is that I am already trained for a half marathon, of which I am running NEXT weekend.  You keeping this all straight?

I ran this race last year and ended up being a huge disappointment to myself.  Instead of being thankful and grateful for this body that I have that has allowed me to run for 2.5 years now, I was mad at myself for not having a better race time.  In fact, reading last year’s race report makes me want to slap myself silly for even being disappointed.

I haven’t decided if I will take it nice and easy tomorrow (hello HOT running- 65 degrees and 90% humidity- yippee!) or will push myself to PR  (personal record) over last year’s time.  I have some friends that are doing the race tomorrow as well.  I can’t decide if I want to stay with them or venture out on my own.  Part of me want to fly solo, as this is my time to tune into my music and push myself. Part of me wants to stay with them and PUSH them to do their personal best, nevermind the fact that we would talk and laugh the entire time.

I don’t know.

It will be a last minute decision….kind of like the registration was- ha!!!

Anyhoo, my husband is bringing the three kiddos to meet me somewhere around Mile 5- this will only be the second time they have seen me run- and I know it will be awesome to see and hear them cheering for me.

Regardless of what I decide, I will have a great time and I’m sure I’ll have some fun experiences to share along the way.  I kind of wish I had a Sparkle Skirt to make me stand out from the 22,000+ running crowd.

Wish me luck!

PS- Speaking of races, did you know that The Sisterhood has kicked off their latest Couch to 5K program, ending with an actual 5K race? Go check it out!

PPS- We are giving away a Moving Comfort sports bra.  I LOVE Moving Comfort sports bras- I own two and I always make sure to wear one of them on race day- they keep the *girls* in place!

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