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I am 57 years young. Most days, I do not feel 57 and I think that is awesome.

I’m on that long journey to fitness and weight loss. I try every day to eat right. I try really hard to exercise no less than five days a week. I park farther from the store in the parking lot than I used to before. I haven’t missed a day of Six Pack Abs yet.

I work full time in a preschool. I keep up with the kids quite well. I can still get up and down off the floor 50 times a day, if I have to. I can bend over 100 times a day to tie shoes.

I have three grandkids who are the lights of my life. They keep me moving like nobody else. In, out, up, down, back, forth. We never seem to stop moving and I love every minute of it.

The thing that I love the most about this age is that I am finally not afraid to speak up for myself. It took me a very long time to get to this point. I know there are many of you reading this wondering what the big deal is. You have probably always done this. For me, this was a big deal.

I guess it’s my generation or just my upbringing, but I went with the flow and didn’t make waves. Not even when it affected my own life. I pretty much did whatever people wanted me to do and didn’t really give it much thought. I just did it and mostly, this was when my kids were growing up. I was the girl scout leader, the room mom, the event coordinator, the parish council member. You name it and I probably did it at some point.

Turning 50 was somehow magical, so to speak. I started to think about me for a change. Sometimes, I actually put myself first. It was a weird feeling, but I learned to like it and I started doing it more often. I realized that I was worth the effort and sometimes it took real effort to be good to me. I bet there are some of our same age group sisters who this is making perfect sense to. I also think there are younger age sisters who can’t believe that I was like that.

I think what I am saying is just what that quote at the start of this post says. I am not perfect. Lord knows I am not perfect by a long shot. But damn if I’m not worth it. I want all of you to realize that you are worth it too.

My 50′s have given me the wisdom of age that I never had before. I feel like I am learning new things every day. Not great things, but little things. A few big things though. Loving me is good. Sticking up for me is good. Saying no when I really want to is good. Not being perfect is good. Being worth it is good.

I just hope it doesn’t take you till your 50′s to realize that you are worth it because you really are!

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