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Good morning, friends!

If you are here to listen to all my juicy confessions from the past week, you are going to be sorely disappointed. We are changing things up on Tuesdays from here on out. We are ONLY going to be focusing on the positives! No more negative Nilly. If you have nothing nice to write, don’t write anything at all.

What have you been doing RIGHT? What have you done that makes you FEEL GOOD?

My week has been full of new adventures! You know, the kind that you are excited about, but they still twist your stomach into knots right before you take the leap? Yeah. I love, LOVE change, but I always have that freak-out moment right before things start happening.

I totally stepped out of my comfort zone this weekend and took photos for a new clothing store opening soon. I was completely nervous that I would suck and not get any decent shots, and that the whole shoot would be an epic fail. Which would be totally tragic because there were beautiful models, stunning clothes, and all that jazz. Guess what? I *think* I rocked it.

Yesterday, I was holed up on my couch, sick as a dog. But then a magical thing happened. My Alka-Seltzer and coffee worked wonders. I opened my laptop to converse with the other half of my brain {Christy} and YO Girl was born. I don’t think I’ve stopped giggling since.

I started dabbling in plant-based nutrition a few weeks ago, and all is going well. Other than this crud that’s got me down, I have been feeling awesome. The transition from meat-eater to plant-eater is going better than could be expected!

That’s all I’ve got for today, ladies and gents. Tell me, what are you proud of this week?

Also? We need a name. Leave your suggestions below!

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