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Oh, boy. It’s the day after Easter…..please step away from the Peep and no one will get hurt!

Along with Valentines and Halloween, Easter is one of the sweetest holidays of the year. Why do we think it’s okay to steal candy out of our kids baskets when they aren’t looking? And you over there who got your newborn a basket full of candy….really? We know you just bought it for yourself.

We can make excuses, but in a week or so, we’re going to be kicking ourselves in the ass for eating all of that candy.

Here at the Sisterhood, we’ve scoured the internets and our brains for creative ways for you to ditch the candy on this day after Easter. I suggest you print the list and keep it handy at all times because you never know when you might be faced with more of the gooey stuff and we certainly don’t want you to suffer from a case of candy-nesia.

       Print This!    

  1. Institue a Candy Buy Back program with your kids. My 8-year-old son thinks this is the best! thing! ever! We set a price for each piece of candy, and then he counts and tallies and turns it over for some crisp dollar bills. He’s learning some mad math skillz AND the money you spend will mean less money spent at the dentist later on. Win-win, no? Once you buy the candy, please read below for ideas to get rid of it. Just because you buy it back, does not mean you are entitled to eat it!
  2. Donate your excess candy to places like Meals on Wheels, to the troops and even to local dentist offices because they want to save your teeth from the wrath of the candy. Google it and see what you can come up with in your area! Some dentists are even offering cash for it, you might wanna get in on that!
  3. Send it in with your husband and/or wife to the office. Not your own office. Because then you’ll still be in the same room with it. Send it to someone else’s office.
  4. Craig’s List it!
  5. Wrap it up in a pretty box and anonymously leave it on your neighbors porch (just make sure you’re not my neighbor!). They’ll wish they could thank you for it.
  6. Throw it in the garbage can and squirt dish soap all over it. You wont be tempted to dig it out in a moment of weakness. This also works for cupcakes and ice cream (and yes, I’ve totally done this before).
  7. Make a time capsule with it, bury it in the back yard, and dig it up in 10 years. I’m pretty sure you won’t be tempted to eat it then, and it’s a great science experiment.

And since we know you probably ate more candy that you should have, here are a few suggestions to work it off! So there you have it. We’re always looking out for your best interests here at the Sisterhood!

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