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Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’re getting ready for a workout. You’re all dressed, shoes are laced, shades are on.

But you’re not ready. Not even close. You still need music. A heart rate monitor. A gps. Your phone.

Okay. Maybe it’s just me. But I’m a complete gadget-a-holic. I once forgot my GPS when I was visiting my parents and almost convinced myself I couldn’t go for a run without it. I know! Pathetic!

I’ve often daydreamed of running gadgetless, but the reality is, I don’t think I can do it – I at least need my phone. In case there’s an emergency. And music. You know, for motivation. And my GPS. So I don’t get lost.


Why can’t all those things be in one self contained gadget?

Wait…they can. They ARE.

Behold. The Motorola MOTOACTV.

This baby is is pretty amazing.

First of all, it is a GPS, a media player, a heart rate monitor all in one… and it allows you to stay connected to your Android smartphone so you can received texts and calls while working out.

Pretty amazing. Especially since it’s small – 35 grams. It’s about much the size of an iPod Nano. You can wear it as a watch, clip it onto your clothing, strap it on your arm or mount it to your bike.

Some other cool details:

  • The MOTOACTV’s display has a light sensor that adjusts for indoor/outdoor and day/night lighting.
  • Using Motorola AccuSense, it can track the details of every workout to help you track your progress.
  • MOTOACTV can hold up to 4000 songs. It’s smart music player learns which songs motivate you by tracking your performance against your music to create a personalized motivating playlist (how cool is that?!).
  • The MOTOACTV is sweat-proof, rain-resistant and scratch-resistant. Which is so necessary for any workout gadget.

Plus, A.C. Slater uses one:

The MOTOACTV starts at $249.99. Which is a pretty sweet deal considering how much you’d pay for a seperate GPS, MP3 player and heartrate monitor.  If you’re in the market for a new GPS, take a look at the MOTOACTV and streamline your workout gear!


I received the Motorola MOTOACTV from Motorola as part of the Motorola Insider program. I was not paid to review the MOTOACTV. My opinions are 100% my own!

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