Toot Your Horn Tuesday! {April 17} | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Every Tuesday, we like to give ourselves a little pat on the back , toot our horns, and tell the world what we are doing right. Excuse me while I dig deep.


{more crickets}

Okay, I’m back.

This week, I started running again. Running my way. You know, jog, huff puff, walk, jog, repeat, repeat. It’s about time since I have the Run the ‘Hood 5K and the Deadwood Mickelson Trail 1/2 Marathon coming up in, oh, 6-ish weeks.

We are now officially licensed for foster care! Wooooo! Now, we just wait patiently for our first placement!

I took the plunge and ordered a kayak! I can’t wait until it arrives! North Dakota is supposed to have sunshine and temps in the 80s next week, how perfect will that be? Have I mentioned I don’t really know much about kayaking? I was in one this one time, in Mexico, when I was 17. Yeah. Should be pretty comical. This is me ——->

What are you tootin’ about this week? Link to your blog post in the comments below!

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