Toot Your Horn Tuesday! {April 24} | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


So, I thought I had Thursday’s post to write but it turns out that I am supposed to write toot- ha ha today.  Really, I looked at our writing calender last week and fooled myself into thinking I had a post for a different day.  Silly me.

My apologies for the lateness of this tooting.

Yeah, today is THE day where we toot our horns about all the good that is going on in our life or that we are doing- whether it’s fitness, weight, healthy, or other-related.  It can be ANYTHING.

Here are mine:

  1. I did a half marathon on March 31st.  Since then, I have lost my running mojo and frankly, I’ve been having some quirky twinges in my foot when I run- a new thing for me and courtesy of the hard half marathon course.  Anyhoo, I haven’t been enjoying my runs lately so I just kind of STOPPED them.  Until yesterday.  I got on the treadmill to do a warm-up and I felt great, like my old self.  I did that warm-up, then did a quick set of sprints and then went on to do a one hour Body Pump class (weight lifting)- boo yah!!!!
  2. I am taking a REAL girls vacation weekend….. THIS weekend.  I am beyond excited.  I am also spending way too much time obsessing over what I should wear while we are there.  Also, why do shoes take up so much room in the suitcase? Three nights, two best friends, Vegas-bound, baby!
  3. The building of our house is moving right along and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a late July move-in.

What about you?  Please come toot your horn for me- I promise to read!

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