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Perdoically, we’ve been sharing updates on my brothers journey to lose weight and kick diabetes to the curb. Click on the links below to read from the beginning.  Here is his latest update- he is totally getting a double fist pump from me!

1st picture- Beginning of weight loss journey, Jan 2012, 347 lbs

2nd picture- April 1, 2012, 313.4lbs

3rd pictture- May 20, 2012 today’s post/update


Well folks, I’m back and I bring great news!!

I have hit my first major goal of being under 300lbs.

I reached that milestone this week! Now I’m at 299, and to be realistic with you it might be a losing battle this week to stay under 300. I’m heading up to the Dallas, Texas area on Friday for a weekend of fun and partying. My intentions are to still work out and attempt to eat right. Not sure how successful I’m going to be at the eating right part or working out . The good thing is I will have plenty of time in the next 4 weeks to work my tail off before my 3 week vacation to Cozumel and the Riveria Maya.

So I’ve pretty much been doing what I have since the start of this program. Still doing lots of swimming and walking. My swim routine is now consisting of 2000 yds on most occasion. I’ve done 3,000 yds and even did 4,000 yds one time. Walking is also increasing to about 50-60 minutes at a time. So the exercising is still going strong.

Eating is still going good, but IMHO not as good as when I started. Another bad thing is that I do not seem to recover from my bad eating days as easily as I have in the past. In other words the weight does not come off as easy after a bad day of eating. Still I keep plugging away and my next short term goal is to have lost a total of 50 pounds from the start of program. I’m only 3 pounds away from that. My goal is to lose another 40 lbs by the end of the year. Wish me succes in achieving the goal.

Now to the really great news. My A1C (3 month average of blood sugar levels) went from a 9.8 in January to a 5.5 this past week. That is excellent progress. A normal person would be around 5%. A goal for a dibetic would be under 7%. As a result of my hard work and the decreasing A1C, the doctor has started reducing my dosage on some medicines (lower dosage of blood pressure medication) and completely taking me off others (glyburide- diabetic medication). We’ll see how it works out for me on my next visit, and if need be we will adjust.

So until next time I bid you adios!!

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