Crossing my Fingers – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Do you remember this picture of Alison Sweeney and myself? It was taken last May at the Self Magazine Workout in the Park event in Chicago.

Workout in the Park was my first real press event as a writer for Shrinking Jeans. To say that it was an awesome day would be an understatement. I got to work out with women of every size, shape and fitness level. I did a Pilates Fusion class and a Reebok Tighten and Tone class. They totally kicked my butt. I did several of the classes that were always going on at the main stage.

There were vendors and sponsors with booths giving away all kinds of fantastic swag. You get a bag when you come in the gate and it is full to the top by the time you leave.

I was able to interiew Yung Moon, Associate Publisher in Marketing and Creative Services at Self Magazine. She was very sweet and easy to talk to. She made me feel at ease right from the first hello. I learned all about what it takes to put on an event of this size and everything that goes into the year long planning.

Walking around with a VIP wristband on had some definite perks. I got to meet Alison Sweeney and talk to her for a quick minute. She talked about the upcoming Biggest Loser finale and how much she enjoyed doing events like Workout in the Park. That was when we got our picture taken. I even got to work out with her. I was blown away by how down to earth and normal she was. There was nothing “diva” about her.

Have I made you think that this is a really fun event? Would you like to join in the fun? Saturday, June 2 is the next Self Magazine Workout in the Park at Butler Field in Grant Park in Chicago. I’ll be there with one of my best friends having a fantastic time. You can join the fun! Just go to the Self Magazine website and order a ticket. We are heading in on the train. We’d love to have you join us.

Still not convinced? Listen to this. Guess who is going to be there this year. The one and only Dolvett Quince from the Biggest Loser!

I have a request in with my PR contact to get an interview with Dolvett. It is a total longshot, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. It could happen. If not, maybe we can at least get our picture taken together. If not that, I know I’ll be able to workout with him and who wouldn’t want to work out with eye candy like that.

So…are you coming?

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