May 2012 Archives – 2/2 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


This past weekend, an opportunity landed in my lap to try out a type a race that I have never done before- a mud race. What is a mud race?  It’s usually a fun run that includes obstacles of some sort.  The length of the run can vary.  The number of obstacles can vary, but […]

As I was sitting around thinking about what to write, I realized that I’ve been going through my closet a lot lately. Which made me think of this post I wrote a couple years back. It’s definitely still pertinent, so take another look, if you please.   While clothes may not make the woman, they […]

If you are anything like me, it’s hard to find the time in a busy day for exercise. The month of May is manic for me. We have seven family birthdays. The last month of preschool gets really crazy. We have preschool olympics (which I love) but, it takes so much planning and getting ready […]

Finale? Really?! Where has the time gone? I might be having a minor panic attack when I think about the fact that May is already half over and the kids are going to be done with school in two weeks. We have been Springing into Action for the past several weeks. Remember back on Day […]

I’m sitting here wondering what the heck I can toot my horn about about I’m drawing a blank.  Isn’t that sad?!  I’ve already *tooted* in the past about running, the building of our house and the like- what else is there?! Well of course, there is so much more. I want to toot about other […]

The final bell of school is getting ready to ring, and that means plenty of fun summer road trips! Plan ahead to make sure when you stop to fill up the tank, that’s all you’re filling up! What is it about gas stations that says Hey! It’s okay to grab some of those 2/$1.00 candy […]

Breakfast has never been a priority for me. Like, ever. Honestly, I can remember as far back as middle school, trying to skip breakfast. And it wasn’t because I was dieting or anything. I was just too busy or not hungry or whatever. Like I said, it just wasn’t a priority. As an adult, I […]

In the grand scheme of life, breaking a toe doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. I mean, it’s a toe. But waddling around in this little post-op shoe of mine seems to elicit the stories from people. I’ve heard about people breaking their own toes. I’ve heard about family members breaking their toes. […]

Back in the day, we had simple terms to describe our eating habits. Herbivore, carnivore, omnivore… Simple. In our culture today, there are so many in-betweens and different words to describe certain ways of eating, in can be a bit overwhelming. In the end, the choice is yours. Eat as you see fit for your […]

Where in the heck did this challenge go? It is week 5 which means that there is only one week left. One week left to finish strong. Are you going to do it? How did you do with the Kick Ass April workouts? I am here to tell you that those workouts really did kick […]

Hello, Internets! It’s my first ever ‘Toot Your Horn Tuesday’! I have to say, this is a great exercise for me. Because I’m going to have to really dig deep to find something to toot. It’s not that I’m really down on myself…it’s that I’m so exhausted lately that I can’t remember what the heck […]