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Every once in a while, I’ll try to think back to when I was in heavy duty weight loss mode (I’m currently maintaining/not weighing). What things was I doing then that can help me overcome obstacles now?

I started doing this again a few weeks ago because of three bad habits that were sneaking their way back in:

  • Night time snacking
  • Too many sweets
  • Night time snacking on too many sweets

Without a doubt, sweets and snacking are my biggest eating downfalls. Honestly, I do pretty well with balanced meals and fruits and veggies and things of that sort, but when it comes to sweets and snacking, forget it. I’m a goner.

Several years ago, I found a way to combat both problems.


Plain and simple, right? I would keep packs and packs (and packs) of gum EVERYWHERE around the house. I would keep it in the car, too. I was never a few steps from a stick of gum.

Sudden urge to snack (usually at night)? Gum.

Out to dinner and I was trying to avoid dessert? Gum.

At home and I didn’t want to sneak a bite of the kids ice cream? Gum.

Eventually, I would get out of the habit of snacking and eating dessert when I didn’t really want it.

So, the next time you get an urge to snack and you know it’s not real hunger, grab a stick of gum and chew chew chew chew chew the urge away.

It’s just about the easiest fix to a problem you’ll have all day!

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