June Tune-Up Final Check-In | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Happy June 30th!! Can you believe we’ve reached the last day of our June Tune-Up Challenge? Yeah, me either. It flew by, and luckily it took a few pounds with it!

So how about you? Did you Tune-Up and Tone-Up with us?

Check-in below with your team’s final weight! If you blog, then write up a big ole’ post about how awesome you did, why you loved the challenge, and how much you’re looking forward to the next one. 😉 And yes, there will be another challenge here at the Sisterhood very soon! As a matter of fact, we’ll have a brand new Monthly Fitness Challenge Calendar out later today. It’s good stuff, people!


We’re going to have a great prize for our top Shrinking Team!! Be sure to check back in tomorrow to see our final Top 10 Leaderboard.



Next week we are going to have a VERY exciting announcement about our next weight loss challenge. It’s good stuff – like nothing we’ve ever done before!

It’s time to break out the spandex, knee highs, and headbands because we’ll be kicking off our 3rd Annual Shrinking Olympics later in July!! If you’re not familiar with the Shrinking Olympics, it’s our very own race for the gold with over 20 events and one Ultimate Shrinking Olympian. Good times will be had by all who compete!!

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