Peak or Valley? | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


As in, where are you now?

Or, more specifically, where am I now?

I’ve been a part of Shrinking Jeans since nearly the beginning.  The third child that was a mere infant when I joined is now 3.5 years old- O. M. G.

I find myself going through phases with this journey- taking it slow, doing great, not doing so great, doing good again, not doing so good again.  But where am I now?  Am I riding a peak or am I down in the valley?

Um.  Good question.

I would have to say somewhere in between, but probably closer to the valley.  How’s that for clarification?

I continue to exercise but I find myself being lazy from time to time, not pushing myself when I know I can push myself, or taking the easy road with a workout versus working my body into a hardcore sweat, or skipping a workout because I am tired/busy/stretched too thin.  I do know that I am fitter than I have ever been in my life and I feel strong…..but I feel like I could do more, if we’re being honest.  I exercise because if I don’t, I might go all kamikaze on my family with my craziness and really, exercise just makes me feel good, but I am feel quite drift-less, especially since I am in between races.

I need to make a plan and work that plan.

As for weight control/management/loss or whatever else you want to call it……I am at the high end of the range I want to be in.  And again, let’s be honest, I don’t want to be this weight anymore.

Shall we get specific with the numbers?

Oh yes, we shall.

I am 5’6″.

My lowest weight with SJ was 163 lbs and that was in the Fall of 2010.

O-M-G.  That was 1.5 years ago.  I have gotten lazy with my eating – hey, I’m just being honest!- and the weight has crept back on.

I now stand at 173.8 lbs.

I don’t want to be 173.8 lbs anymore.

I would like to be in the 160-165 range.  I feel fantastic and so freaking light when I am in that range.  I feel like I can fly down the road running when I weigh less.  I loved the way my body looked, I loved how my clothes felt, I felt like my outside matched my inside.  Granted, my body frame does a pretty good job of masking that weight and my height certainly helps and my clothes still fit although just a bit too tight, BUT I want to be in a healthier range.

It is time for Lisa to *Come to Jesus*.

Have you ever heard that phrase?  I hope noone is offended by this.

Yes, I am having a *Come to Jesus* talk with myself.  It is time for me to put down the rice krispie treats, turn down second helpings, get disciplined with my exercise routine,  and work my body hard.

I know what I need to do.  NOW, I JUST NEED TO DO IT.

Visualize and it will materialize, right?

This year, I will make 165 mine, all mine.

What about you?  What is your state of the union- peak, valley, somewhere in between?  What do you visualize for 2012?

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