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Happy Friday, peeps!

I wanted to drop in today and do a little promotion of Shrinking Kitchen, the sister site to Shrinking Jeans. If you haven’t checked it out, you most definitely should. And I’m not just saying that cause I’m the editor. It’s truly awesome.

Here’s what we’ve got cooking:

  • Recipes galore! We have recipes to suit all different lifestyles…vegan, gluten free, Feingold…you name it! And it’s all been tried, tested and Sisterhood approved…in other words, delicious.
  • Menu Plans! Each week on Sunday, we share a new menu plan outlining a weeks worth of healthy dinners.  We even include a printable grocery list. Seriously, it doesn’t get simpler than that, folks.  You can even subscribe and have the menu plans delivered to your inbox.
  • Friday Favorites! Every Friday, we post a fun and useful cooking tip. Just a little snippet, but always something useful.
  • Giveaways! In fact, we’re gearing up for a Facebook giveaway when we hit 2500 likes. Go ahead and like us (and share us with your friends). When we reach 2200 likes, we’ll announce the prize. The suspense is killing you, I can tell!
  • Pinterest! Yes, we’re all over Pinterest. In fact, we’re kind of obsessed. But that’s another story entirely.
  • Awesome extras -a kitchen conversion chart, a cooking dictionary, a food weights chart, and a pantry essentials list…all printable.

As you can see, we’ve got lots of fun things happening, and I’m pretty excited about it…thus the overabundance of exclamation points in this post. Sorry about that.

So please come visit us over at Shrinking Kitchen – and have a wonderful weekend! (yes, another exclamation point…whatever).

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