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Happy June 1st, and welcome to the Tune-Up June Challenge!

If you’re not familiar with our weight loss challenges, you can read more about the on our current challenge page!

The June Tune-Up challenge will run for one month and is a partner challenge. That means you’ll need a partner to participate. It can be your spouse, BFF, next door neighbor, mother, daughter, son, or sister. Anyone! If you don’partners partner handy, leave a comment below and I’m sure someone will come along looking for a buddy!

Once you’ve gotten your team set, weigh in, add the two numbers together, come up with a great name, and one person will need to enter all that information in the form below. It’s that easy! Okay, you do actually have to lose weight and check in here each Wednesday…..but you can do it!

Guess what?! We’re running a BOGO in June! You not only get to Tune-Up, but you can also Tone-Up for the low, low price of FREE! Yeah, we’re awesome like that! Join us for our June Tone-Up, and get rid of some of that extra jiggle!

We’ll have some great prizes for our biggest shrinking team, and also for one randomly selected team each week. Make sure you check in so you have the chance to win!

So, that’s it! Go jump on those scales and kiss that number good bye! You’ll never see it again!

After you click submit, you should receive a confirmation message in place of the form!

Thanks so much for joining us! We’re glad you’re here!

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