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I am in the middle of another summer road trip with my family. We drove about 7 hours the first day, which is a lot of time to talk about…you know…STUFF.

Since my husband and I are both runners, our conversation eventually leads to training, races, and just running in general. He’s been having a tough time lately with his running. Running is his outlet, his mental release. But it has not been that for him for several weeks.

He said he was feeling that when he was stretched too thin in other areas of his life, his running followed suit. It became “one more thing” that he had to do, instead of the relaxing time that he looked forward to in his runs.

That got me to thinking, isn’t that really true for all areas of our life?

Three years ago, I wrote a post about taking a time out from thinking about your weight loss journey. I want to take a little bit different spin on that concept.

Sometime this week, I want you to make “it” fun. Because everyone is different, the “it” is open to interpretation. Your “it” could be cooking, running. food journaling, strength training, sleeping…anything goes here!

Here are some ideas I came up with while I was stuck in the car for 7 hours stuck with nothing else to do:

  • If you normally run without music, throw on some tunes, forget your gps and watch, and just GO!
  • Food journal with a crayon or on some pretty paper(seriously…this is more fun than it sounds).
  • If you are having ice cream, skip the 2nd scoop and throw on some rainbow sprinkles instead.
  • Put on some music and dance your way through cooking dinner (bonus points for singing at the top of your lungs)
  • Sleeping…um…I’m not sure how sleeping can be more fun… Footed pajamas?

If something has become a burden, and it’s not something that can be given up, find a way to make it fun.

We’re all (hopefully) in this for the long haul, friends. We might as well smile while we’re doing it!

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