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I’ll make this quick cause I do realize it’s July 4, and our American readers are hopefully out enjoying a parade, or a barbecue and hopefully some fancy-schmancy fireworks. (By the way, happy late Canada Day to our Canadian readers!!).

Even though we’re between challenges, I just wanted to stop by and encourage you to check in – I don’t know about you, but it helps me to stay accountable. So holler at us in the comments below. How was this week for you? Are you staying on track with exercise? Was this week a doozy? Let us know.

Now, I have to ask, what’s your strategy for avoiding a holiday cookout binge? Do you fill up on veggies? Do you arrive at cookouts armed with healthy dishes to share? Do you try little bits of everything – in moderation?

I have to say, I’m a moderation kind of gal. I also like to employ this strategy: only eat things you can’t get other times during the year. Such as fresh corn on the cob. Strawberry shortcake. A perfectly grilled burger. Pass on the brownies, cheese platter, chips and dip. You’re going to find those at any old party. What I’m saying is, be choosy. If you’re going to indulge, make sure it’s on something special!

Alrighty, I said I was going to make this quick and I’m rambling. So, a few things before I send you off to enjoy your day:

  • Are you looking for something to bring to a barbecue? Or are you hosting one yourself? Head on over to Shrinking Kitchen today, where we’ve rounded up our picnic faves!
  • It’s July and I’m willing to bet many of you are donning sleeveless shirts cause it’s SO FREAKING HOT! (It’s not here, by the way. Don’t all come running to Washington now!). How are you feeling about those biceps of yours? If you’re feeling a little ‘gun’ shy (HA), check out our July workout ARMED AND DANGEROUS. You’ll be rocking Madonna arms in no time. Or in my case, I’ll be able to wave without my arm flab continuing the wave for a few seconds afterwards.
  • Do you menu plan? WE DO! Actually, if you head on over to Shrinking Kitchen every Sunday, we menu plan AND provide you with a printable grocery list. How awesome is that? Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. Sign up to receive our Shrinking Kitchen feed and you won’t miss a thing!
  • Finally, keep your eyes peeled for our next challenge! Seriously! If you’ve been watching from the sidelines, the time to join in and get healthy is now. DO IT!

Everyone, have an absolutely amazing and SAFE Independence Day!

Photo courtesy of National Civic Summit via Flickr.

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