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As you all have been seeing here on the site and on Facebook, some of us are participating in a very exciting challenge at Healthy Wage. I am very excited and honored to be on a team with my fellow Shrinking Jeans writers!

As part of getting the ball rolling on this, we’ve been asked to submit “before” pictures.

Let’s see a show of hands on who loves to have those taken? Nobody? I thought so! Myself included!

But don’t we all have to start somewhere?

My husband has endless patience in many many areas but one that I see often is when I ask him to take a picture of me. I do this after each and every race I complete, so I can have a visual record of me with my race bib number,  my new spiffy race shirt and smile that finishing any race brings.  But more often than not, I don’t like how the picture looks and ask him to delete and do it over again. And again. And again.

Such was the case last night taking my ‘before’ picture.  It  wasn’t pretty.

At first glance at it, my heart sank to the ground. Ugh! I really look like THAT?!

But then he reminded me of a picture we came across recently. It was a post-race shot from about two years ago, before I have dropped 30 lbs on Weight Watchers and kept (most of) it off.

“I looked like THAT?”

I could see the changes in my body from that time.

In three months, when the Healthy Wage challenge ends, I fully expect to see that also (how is THAT for positive thinking?!).

Don’t fear the ‘before’ shot. It is your launching point for what lies ahead:  Progress turning into pride.

Has a ‘before’ picture ever been your source of motivation? Please share in the comments.

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