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This week I interviewed former Season 11 Biggest Loser contestant Austin Andrews from the brown team. He and his dad went on an incredible weight loss journey and Austin made it to the top 5 on the show, which is pretty amazing! He was voted off when it came down to him and Hannah below the yellow line. Hannah and her sister Olivia went to the final four and you might remember, Olivia ended up winning the show. (Do you remember that season? I really loved it.)

Like many former contestants, since being home, Andrews has struggled to maintain his incredible weight loss from the ranch at times, and has had difficulty adjusting to life without personal trainers and chefs at his disposal.

Being home was a game changer. And he started to gain back some of his weight.

He’s back on the right track now and he’s inspiring people everywhere to “Check Into Life,” his signature motto that stems from his own personal experience of being “checked out” for so long. Andrews speaks at churches and at schools about being bullied over his weight as a kid and now he’s about to embark on a series of Biggest Loser style weight-loss and fitness weeks as part of his partnership with his dad called “Retrofit Ministries,” which includes coaching, both physical and motivational.

If you’re starting trying to lose weight, these are his absolute MUSTS for weight loss. These are straight from him.

Austin Andrews’ Tips for Weight Loss

1. “The number one tip is you’ve gotta write down what you’re doing. If there is no record to what you are eating, drinking and, you know, doing in your daily life then you will never be able to change it. Write down everything you put down in your mouth, write down everything you drink, write down every kind of activity that you’ll be participating and start recording when you do those things and for how long. I kind of approach this almost like a business, where if you’re in business and you’re marketing, you’re going to have to know how much money you’re spending and what the returns are on the money you’re spending, because otherwise you have no idea, you have no idea what you’re spending and what it’s worth.”

2. “You’ve got to be drinking more water than you think. Water is intensely the main goal and important in our bodies and if you don’t have enough of it, our system will never work right.”

3. “Start moving!!! You have to start thinking like a baby, if all you can do is crawl, then you start crawling everywhere you can. If you can walk get up and walk. If you can run, get up and run. If you can’t walk yet and you can only crawl, then crawl and start walking a little bit, then crawl and stand up, but you have to take these steps toward something that is moving you in a greater way. But you gotta start moving. You have to start moving.”

And when it comes to life change in general?

“The number one thing is you have to believe it’s possible. And I know what it’s like to be in situations and to think there’s no chance, there’s no way, but you have to believe there’s some, some way. And in that belief, you can believe to reach out for the help, you can begin to reach out to the programs that are out there that can help benefit you, but it takes a belief that you think it’s possible for you to be part of that change and out of that belief is following through.”


Austin and his dad, Ken, are putting together a week at The Biggest Loser ranch in Niagara at the end of September and it’s open to everyone! So if you want a week filled with weight loss tips, advice and Biggest Loser-style workouts, click the link to check out the packages for that week at the Biggest Loser Ranch.

By the way, the Biggest Loser Season 14 is casting right now! Click the link to apply for the Biggest Loser. If you want tips on how to apply, Austin has made a couple videos on tips on his blog for how to get cast on the Biggest Loser that are really helpful!

Be sure to follow Austin and his continued journey on Twitter!

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