Bachelorette Winner Ryan Sutter shares his top 10 fitness tips


Bachelorette Winner Ryan Sutter, chosen by Trista on the first season of the Bachelorette (you know you watched it!), is currently running the 120-mile/six-day Gore-Tex TransRockies Run from Buena Vista, Colo., to Beaver Creek, Colo., and raising money for two charities: Grassroot Soccer and First Descents.

As most of us know, training for and racing any distance race takes commitment, dedication, and a lot of creativity – especially for parents! If you can peel your eyes away from the shirtless Ryan, check out his fitness tips below!

Bachelorette Winner Ryan Sutter shares his top 10 fitness tips:

1.    Get motivated! Set a definitive short-term goal for your fitness routine, and be prepared to set new ones when you complete the first. For me, my motivation is the ability to accept any challenge at any time. I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because I’m not in shape.

2.    Commit. We all have busy schedules, but if you don’t commit to your workouts, you will find reasons to skip them. Make them a priority, and if you can’t do this on your own, join a group with a similar goal. If someone is depending on you to show up, you will be more likely to be present.

3.    Reward yourself. By rewarding yourself for hard work you create a physiological relationship between working hard and positive outcomes. Soon enough, the satisfaction from the work will be reward enough. For example, pick a day you can get ice cream or have a pizza.

4.    Switch it up. Focus on being an athlete rather than a specialist. I like to mix things up, which helps me stay interested and doesn’t allow my body to adapt to one form of exercise. If you do nothing but run, your body will become very efficient at running, and you will not continue to progress as noticeably. Shock your system by creating a workout program that includes different disciplines, like running, biking and yoga.

5.    Get creative. Workouts can get mundane, so I like to include some nontraditional activities. I really like SEALfit workouts. They are tough and creative and incorporate both strength and endurance. Another good way to change it up is to pair your workouts with quality time with your family; I really enjoy yoga in the morning with my kids.

6.    Prepare for some aches and pains. To minimize the likelihood of injury, be sure to stretch to warm up and to cool down. Always stretch within your limitations. Keep a product on hand to relieve pain and inflammation for the weeks where you are first getting into a routine, like an Ace brand cold compress. Apply the cold compress to the injured area for no longer than 20 minutes after the workout.

7.    Be prepared. There are three essentials I keep in my gym bag and when I’m on the go: nutrition, as in food for energy; hydration to keep me going and replace electrolytes; and clean clothes, because it feels good to be tired and clean.

8.    Cold therapy is your friend. I used cold therapy for just about everything. It’s not only good on injuries but also aids in muscle recovery.

9.    Try heat therapy before or after. I like heat therapy after long events or workouts when I don’t necessarily need to recover right away. The heat is relaxing on my muscles and keeps them warm and loose for a bit. Sometimes I’ll use heat therapy to warm a specific muscle before an event or workout as well.

10.    Have fun! Otherwise, what’s the point?

Thanks to Hella Wella for the opportunity to share Ryan’s tips! If you are interested in learning more about Ryan’s race and the charities he’s chosen to support, you can check out his site:

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