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No matter which country you’re from, you can’t help but be inspired by the Olympics.

The story of every athlete and every team, what they’ve gone through to get there, what they’ve done and how hard they’ve worked to reach their momentous goals. The Olympics are historically the place where great things happen.

Athletes may not leave with a medal, there may be heartbreak along the way, and there certainly has been in this Olympics so far, like Jordyn Wieber, the reigning gymnastics world champion not making the USA Women’s All Around. My heart just broke for her.

Courtesy: AP

Or they may leave with many medals, more than any Olympian in history, like Michael Phelps!

Courtesy: AP

It’s the heartbreak and the glory that makes it all great.

And I’ve loved every minute of it! I’ve found myself watching all different sports, like kayaking, water polo, rowing, and volleyball, too, in addition to my favorites which are the women’s gymnastics and swimming. (Of course I’m biased and cheering on the U.S.)

What are you watching? And are you as inspired by the Olympics as I am in your own life? 

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