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This is a tale of two people.

One has this on her mind:

She thinks often of her quest for fitness. She has learned the importance and value of exercise for both her health and her sanity. She fits workouts into a busy schedule. She moves. She breathes. She feels good about her efforts , even on days when there is more “work” in the workout than she counted on.

The other has this on his mind:

He thinks often of a quest for fitness. He uses words like “should” and phrases like “maybe tomorrow.” Person No. 1  is often inviting Person No. 2 to go for a walk or a bike ride. Nothing monumental. Just something vertical, something moving, something that gets the heart pumping. She knows this helps his moods. She knows this improves the  day. Any day. Always. Her “do you want to go for a walk with me?” changes to “Will you go for a walk with me,” because in her mind she thinks that the phrasing may actually make a difference. Sometimes it does. But  more often than not, she heads out the door alone.

After a while, she feels like she should just stop asking, any which way the question is asked.  She gives up trying to bring him on board, gives up spouting all the reasons why exercise is important. She heads out the door alone.

That picture above is not me. The one below is not him. But the conversations rings true. The struggle is real.

Have you ever tried to bring someone along with you on your health and fitness  journey? What convinced them to take the first step? Have you thrown your hands up in frustration? And have you come to realize you are in your own race and there is little you can do to bring someone in from off the sidelines?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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